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Top ten weird Spanish drug busts

Top ten weird Spanish drug busts
One smuggler packed his drugs stash into bags of frozen meat. File photo: Robert S. Donovan/Flickr
When it comes to smuggling drugs into and around Spain, some people get very creative indeed. In this week's The Local List, we smoke out some of the strangest methods seen by the nation's narcotics police.

Spain is the main gateway into Europe for cocaine and hashish and people are constantly trying to make a quick dollar (or euro) by smuggling these drugs into the country.

"Traffickers have money on their side, a lack of scruples and they can develop their activities without limit," said Jose Antonio Rodriguez, the head of the anti-cocaine squad of Spain's national police force recently.

But Spain's cops are also a dedicated bunch.

Check out The Local List of Spain's top ten weirdest drug busts.

A recent International Narcotics Control Board study showed that 27 of the total 35 tonnes of cannabis plants coming into Europe were detected in Spain in 2010.

For cocaine, meanwhile, 25 of the total 60 tonnes intercepted in Europe were in this country.

In this week's The Local List, we take a look at some of losers in the drug traffic business.

Some of these smuggling ideas are simply hair-brained, others are ingenious and yet others seem doomed to fail from the start.

Look at our gallery to find out more about Spain's top ten weirdest drug busts

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