Dog slayer sent to prison in ‘historic’ ruling

A Madrid court ruling sentencing a man to three months in jail for kicking his dog to death has been described as a "giant step for animal rights" in Spain.

Dog slayer sent to prison in 'historic' ruling
The custodial sentence for animal cruelty is said by animal protection agency El Refugio to be the first of its kind in Spain. Photo: YouTube

The six-month-old dog, named Chula, was killed in 2008 when its owner kicked it after waking to find the animal had gone to the toilet inside his house.

The man admitted in court on Wednesday that he had kicked Chula, who was later taken to a local vet by the owner's girlfriend.

Despite receiving medical attention, the dog died of the serious internal injuries.

Two vets involved in the case went on to report the incident and animal protection agency El Refugio took Chula's owner to court.

Chula's owner has now been handed a three-month custodial sentence.

He has also been banned from carrying out "any trade or profession related to the care, custody or trade of domestic animals for the period of two years", according to Spanish daily 20minutos.

The law under which the man was prosecuted has changed since the time of the killing.

"If he had been judged under the current law the sentence would have been even longer," said Nacho Paunero of El Refugio.

"It is a giant step for the defence of animal rights in Spain," he added, before thanking the two vets who reported the incident for their involvement in "a bittersweet day".

The case is believed to be the first time a Spanish court has sentenced someone for animal cruelty.

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Spanish town hires pet detectives in latest battle against dog poo

In Spain’s latest battle in the war on dog poo, a town near Salamanca has hired private detectives to punish those who fail to clean up after their pets.

Spanish town hires pet detectives in latest battle against dog poo
Detectives have been hired to track down irresponsible dog owners. Photo: Alice Huseyinoglu

This week, Carbajose de la Sagrada, a municipality in Salamanca, has commissioned a special unit of private detectives to monitor dog poo in public spaces, with the hope of raising awareness about the responsibility that comes with owning a pet, and fining guilty dog-walkers.

After the evidence has been collected by these detectives, it will be up to the local police force to press charges and issue fines.

The new initiative has been introduced following a barrage of complaints from citizens about the ‘uncivil’ behaviour of some residents, as well as the failure of previous awareness campaigns to put an end to their repeated crimes.

The mayor of the municipality, Pedro Samuel Martín, met with pet owners a few weeks ago to discuss a solution to the ongoing dilemma. He said he hoped the new measures, following in the footsteps of towns such as Colmenar Viejo, would improve the state of public spaces, and lead to greater 'coexistence' in the town.

This is just the latest attempt by town councils to combat the issue of dog dirt. In 2013, a viral campaign in Brunete, a small town just outside Madrid, saw officials box up waste and mail it back guilty pet owners.

Photo: Depositphotos

The town of Colmenar Viejo, also near Madrid, hired incognito detectives in 2014 to film owners who left their dog's poo lying around, and in 2016, Maslata, near Valencia, ordered residents to register their dog’s DNA through mandatory blood samples, so the owners who failed to clean up after their dogs could be traced.

In a battle to clean up the captial, Madrid's mayor introduced a 2016 law, giving dog poo offenders the choice between a €750 fine or a weekend of cleaning duty.

By Alice Huseyinoglu

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