Taxi decree slaps donkeys with ID plates

Officials in the popular resort town of Mijas, on the south-west coast of Spain, have demanded that local donkeys and their drivers wear identification plates as part of a push to improve the standard of the town's taxi service.

Taxi decree slaps donkeys with ID plates
Making an asset of asses: Mijas donkeys will be registered to boost the quality of their tourist taxi rides. Photo:

The Andalucian town's Popular Party (PP) administration has handed out ID plates to all donkey taxis, horse-drawn carriages and their drivers as a means to aid recognition of individual animals and improve services.

"In the event of an accident or complaint, the donkey or driver will be able to be identified," said councilman Juan Carlos Gonzales.

"These rules were made not just to regulate an iconic tourist industry but to improve the quality of the service, protect the rights of customers and guarantee that the donkeys meet health and safety requirements."

Fifty-two taxi donkeys, 12 horse-drawn carriages and 17 donkey carts have been issued with the new plates according to local daily Sur.

"Donkey taxis are the symbol of Mijas and we must highlight and value them," said councilwoman María del Mar Ríos.

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