Ryanair quashes ‘cake cost’ rumours

Ireland's low-cost airline Ryanair has denied reports that passengers will have to pay a special extra charge for bringing on board cakes that don't fit into their hand luggage.

Ryanair quashes 'cake cost' rumours
Ryanair won't be charging people to take cakes within their hand language. Photo: Mikel Ortega/Flickr

Spanish media outlets including The Local reported on Friday that passengers would have to pay an €8 charge to carry cakes on board Ryanair flights.

This was reporting as being a special extra charge for cakes that didn't fit into people's hand luggage.

However, the airline was quick to say this was not the case.

'Ryanair is used to seeing various false claims printed in the media, but this '€8 charge' is even more bizarre than usual," airline spokesperson Robin Kiely told The Local.

Kiely said passengers were entitled to a one 10kg cabin bag allowance and all other items — including cakes — had to fit inside that one bag, as set out in our terms and conditions, which all passengers agree to at the time of booking.

The rumour was apparently started by a smaller Spanish newspaper and then spread quickly.

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