Dog slayer makes Spanish legal history

Dog slayer makes Spanish legal history
Chula was killed by a single kick to the body by his irate owner. File photo: faucxto_digit/Flickr
A Madrid man who killed his dog after it defecated inside his house stood trial on Wednesday in what is the first-ever animal cruelty case to end up in Spanish court.

The unfortunate canine victim was killed by his owner back in 2008.

The crime took place when the owner of a six-month-old dog called Chula woke up to find the animal had gone to the toilet inside his house.

On discovering the excrement, the man kicked Chula, as the owner's girlfriend later admitted.

At some point after the incident, the girlfriend realized that the dog was not well. She then called the owner's mother and the two women delivered Chula to a local vet.

While there, the two women owned up to the cause of the dog's injuries. 

The clinic stabilized the animal but he then needed to be transferred to another facility with more equipment

However, Chula later died because of serious internal injuries.

The two vets involved in the case went on to denounce the man's action.

The animal protection agency El Refugio have now taken Chula's owner to court and are hoping for a one-year sentence.

"It has been a long wait, but it was worth it," said  Nacho Paunero, President of El Refugio in a statement. 

"This is the first time a Spanish court will judge somebody for animal cruelty, thanks to the two veterinarians," said Paunero.

"This is enormous cause for joy for those of us who dedicate ourselves to defending and protecting the rights of animals," he added.

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