Top ten surprising Spanish inventions

In this week's The Local List, we take you on a voyage into Spain's most groundbreaking ideas and inventions, from the humble bucket and mop to the world's first space suit.

Top ten surprising Spanish inventions
"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for Spanish inventors." Photo NASA Goddard/Flickr

Spain is not a nation known for its world-changing inventors, but there are certainly quite a few brainy Spaniards who have influenced the course of history with their brilliant ideas.

Last week we reported on how Spanish engineer José Luis López Gómez had been named one of Europe's top inventors by the European Patents Office.

A couple of weeks back The Local also paid tribute to Mónico Sánchez, an inventor from Ciudad Real who created the x-ray machine and worked on the world's first mobile phone.

So this week The Local is putting together a list of Spain’s top inventions throughout history.

From the explosive Molotov cocktail to the world’s first video game, we have plenty of interesting facts to keep you repeating “¿En serio?” over and over again.

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