Elderly British twins in mystery Malaga suicide

Spanish police have found the bodies of 83-year-old twins George and James Chalkley in their home in the Andalusian town of Fuengirola, near Malaga.

Elderly British twins in mystery Malaga suicide
Officers on the scene found both elderly men with plastic bags over their heads and duct tape over their mouths in the coastal town of Fuengirola. Photo: Lauren Tucker Photography

Fuengirola police are unclear about the reasons behind the double suicide, although investigators believe one of the twins found the other one had taken his life when he returned to the home they shared and decided to follow suit.

Officers on the scene found both elderly men with plastic bags over their heads and duct tape over their mouths, pointing to the most probable cause of death as asphyxiation, local online daily Sur wrote on Thursday.

“I’m absolutely shocked,” Ignacio Pacios, a lawyer working in the same building, told The Local.

“They were a very polite and easy-going pair. I never would have guessed they’d do something like that.”

A neighbour in the same building in Federico Ruiz Vertedor street noticed a bad smell coming from the twins’ flat and quickly alerted the emergency services.

Firemen found the bodies at 6pm on Wednesday after accessing their home from the apartment next door.

One of the elderly men was found sitting on a chair in the living room, the other lying on his bed.

"I opened the newspaper this morning and I couldn't believe what I was reading," an employee at Bodega El Tostón restaurant told The Local.

“They live just round the corner from here! At first I thought they were twin babies, but when I carried on reading and they were 83 I was very surprised.”

Investigators think George and James Chalkley had been dead for three days.

 There’s no evidence of foul play or third party involvement. 

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Malaga to trial Spain’s first self-driving bus

Spain’s first self-driving bus will begin to take public passengers from this Saturday, February 20th.

Malaga to trial Spain's first self-driving bus
Image: Largeroliker / WikiCommons

Created as part of the AutoMOST R + D + I project in participation with Avanza bus company and Malaga City Council, the 12-metre electric bus features autonomous driving technology and will be a revolutionary addition to the transport system.

The mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, companied by the president of the Port of Malaga Authority, Carlos Rubio, and the general director of Avanza, Valentin Alonso were the first to ride in this driverless bus.

Mayor de la Torre said “Malaga has been a pioneer in creating ways to improve life in the city”. “We were also the first city to implement contactless cards on buses,” he added.

The self-driving bus is the first of its kind to circulate in real traffic and will be in operation on line 90 from the Maritime Station in the port area to the Paseo del Parque in the front of the City Hall.

Malaga will become the first European city to implement this new autonomous driving technology in a bus, which is also environmentally friendly, run fully on electricity and which produces zero emissions.

The city council said in a statement that this move reinforces Malaga’s commitment to sustainable mobility and the use of new technologies adapted to transport.

In previous projects, self-driving tests have only been carried out using smaller vehicles, not the standard 12-metre buses that are in daily circulation around the city.

12-metre buses are the world standard, so in theory it will be possible to implement this same type of technology in other models of the same size around the world.

In order for the technology to work, Malaga City Council has invested 180,000 euros in smart traffic lights, which communicate with the bus telling it when to go and stop.

Initially the self-driving bus will run for three weeks, but the traffic lights will remain in place, allowing for the implementation of other self-driving systems in the future, such as driverless cars.

For the next three weeks, residents can ride the self-driving bus completely free of charge. It will operate from Saturday February 20th to March 13th, from Tuesdays to Saturdays 9:30am to 2:30pm.

You can book a ticket on the bus in advance by visiting