3D gun download makes big bang in Spain

3D gun download makes big bang in Spain
Cody Wilson has been named one of Wired magazine's 15 most dangerous people in the world. Photo: Youtube screenshot
Cody Wilson, the US student who on Monday announced he’d created a 3D printer-generated gun capable of firing bullets like any regular weapon, has told Spanish daily El País that Spain is by far the biggest downloader of the model’s design.

The 25-year-old from Texas shocked the world earlier this week when he gave evidence of how his 3D printer design works.

Having already released the blueprint for a gun that can be downloaded from the Internet, Wilson told national newspaper El País that Spaniards are currently the biggest downloaders of his ‘Liberator’ gun model.

“I’m not joking,” he told the Spanish daily. “At this stage, Spain is by far the biggest downloader of the Liberator.

Wilson’s weapon, made up of 16 pieces of plastic, requires only regular screws to be assembled and can use a variety of ammunition.

His design has caused controversy around the world as it allows anyone with a 3D printer, worth an average €6,000 euros on the market, to arm themselves with a deadly weapon without any need to hold a license.

Spain’s gun license laws are far stricter than those of the US, leading experts to believe the Liberator could become an easier way to have access to fire arms.

But Wilson's group, Defense Distributed, thinks everyone should have access to a gun and is working to make it possible through Defcad.org, a depository for weapon designs.

“I believe the degree of accessibility to weapons is only one of the factors influencing the degree of violence in the US, Wilson told El País.

“Education and standard of living are more relevant in my mind.”

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