Teen stabs girl in head after toast rage incident

An irate teen who flicked a knife at his girlfriend while making breakfast has been handed a one-year probationary sentence and told to attend anger management classes.

Teen stabs girl in head after toast rage incident
Tosta brava: the knife rage began at the breakfast table. Photo: John McClumpha

The violent act involved a dispute over apricot jam, Granada's Ideal newspaper reported on Monday.

A young couple, both aged under 18, were making breakfast when the incident happened.

The young man was preparing toast when his girlfriend repeatedly insisted that she wanted apricot jam on her next slice.

She said this on various occasions until her boyfriend flipped out and "launched" the knife at the girl's head. 

The kitchen utensil then struck her on the forehead. Fortunately the only result was light bruising.

When the young woman went to a local health centre, staff were unworried by the injury.  

The boy later confessed to the knife attack and has now been sentenced for causing bodily harm. As a minor, however, he has received only a one-year probationary sentence.

If he breaks the terms of his sentence, he could end up in a correctional facility for juveniles.

The boy will also undergo counselling for anger management and to help him understand that violence against women is unacceptable.

According to judicial reports, the knife tossing incident was the final straw for the adolescent. Apparently the boy involved in the case was living with his girlfriend and his mother in a situation the court described as "turbulent".

The court also said the assault was the latest example of ongoing aggressive behaviour — both physical and psychological — on the part of the teen. 

Reports also stated the boy's girlfriend was living in fear and that a judicial sentence was necessary to make him understand the consequences of his actions.

The boy's family knew he was keeping bad company, Ideal reported. He was also known to be taking drugs.

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Earthquakes in Spain: What you need to know about the tremors around Granada

A string of mild earthquakes shook southern Spain overnight following weeks of strong seismic activity in the Granada area, prompting the premier to call for calm on Wednesday.

Earthquakes in Spain: What you need to know about the tremors around Granada
Dozens of quakes have hit the zone around Granada in recent days. Source: Source: IGN

Three of them had a magnitude of between 4 and 4.5, Spain's National Geographical Institute (IGN) said on Twitter.

“Various earthquakes shook Granada again overnight which has worried thousands of people. Please stay calm and follow the instructions of the emergency services,” tweeted Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.   

Many images posted online showed residents out in the street in the middle of the night, wearing pyjamas and coats, despite the coronavirus curfew.


Since December 1st, a total of 281 shallow quakes have hit the area around Granada, of which eight had a magnitude of more than 3.0, an IGN statement said on Tuesday.

Of that number, 41 were felt by the population.   

Another quake on Saturday in the same area had a magnitude of 4.4, causing cracks in walls and throwing objects to the ground, it said.   

The interactive map above shows the location and strength of each quake to hit the zone in recent days. Source: IGN

“It's a worrying situation, I understand people's fears,” Granada Mayor Luis Salvador told Spain's public television on Wednesday, calling for calm.   

“All the information we have indicates that although they are many and continuous, that is what prevents a more intense and devastating episode.”   

The IGN said such seismic activity was “common in this area”, flagging it as one of the most seismically active regions of the Iberian Peninsula which experiences “numerous surface earthquakes of low to moderate magnitude, and occasionally with significant intensity”.

The map below produced by the Spanish government shows the risk of seismic activity across Spain. 

Emergency services in Andalusia urged calm and issued guidance for what to do in an earthquake. The tips include seeking refuge beneath a heavy table if inside and if you have to leave the house, avoid running or using the elevator. In the street be careful of danger from falling electrical cables and falling masonary and if driving, park the car and stay put.

 The regional government warned people to be careful of fake news circulating, including a false message that the region had called a state of emergency in expectation of a major quake.


But in a tweet from the emergency services of Andalusia, it did advise people to be prepared and have an emergency pack ready just in case.