Family affairs spell sad end for Latin lover

A mother and daughter are facing court in Galicia after allegedly plotting the murder of young man who slept with both of them.

Family affairs spell sad end for Latin lover
A view of La Coruña where a mother and daughter pair will stand trial later this month for allegedly conspiring to kill a man they had both slept with. Photo: Pablo Herrero

The mother and daughter pair allegedly conspired to murder a young man called Jonier Alejandro Arenas who was killed on January 10th 2012, reported La Voz de Galicia on Thursday. 

Arenas died after a friend called him and told him to come down the street around midnight on that day.

When the young man arrived at the front door of his building, he was stabbed in the heart. 

Police investigating the murder drew a blank at  first. Arenas had no known enemies and was not involved in any illegal activities.

However, when agents of A Coruña's police force began looking into the young man's love life, they began to make progress.

Police discovered that the man with a Colombian background had a complicated romantic history.

They first found an ex-girlfriend, still a teenager. Then the trail to led to the girl's mother, who Arenas had also been sleeping with at one time, and the mother's new partner.

Also involved was another man — the new boyfriend of the teenager girl Arenas had been seeing.  

After further investigation the police came to the conclusion that the Arenas' ex-girlfriend and her mother planned the assassination.

The police allege the two women then asked their respective new boyfriends to carry out the act.

All of the accused — bar the ex-girlfriend of Arenas who is still underage — will this month go before the Provincial Court of A Coruña.

The director of public prosecutions is demanding a 20-year sentence for the three adults. The mother has been charged as the chief conspirator while the two men are charged with   carrying out the murder.

The ex-girlfriend, meanwhile, will faces changes in a juvenile court.

The events leading to Arenas' death began in 2009, reported La Voz de Galicia.

In that year, the young man started living with the older woman who is now facing 20 years' jail for plotting to kill him, according to Manuel Ferreiro, an expert in criminal matters.

The pair, however, separated after several months but did not stopping seeing each other or, occasionally, sleeping together.

At the same time, Arenas was alleging seeing plenty of other women, a fact which displeased his ex-lover .

The final straw, though, came when the young Casanova started sleeping with his ex-lover's young daughter.

Eventually, the secret came out and Arenas left both women.

The mother and daughter then allegedly planned to kill Arenas and recruited their new boyfriends for the task.

They explained that the daughter had been abused by Arenas and was pregnant to him.

The two boyfriends finally agreed to the act and — according to allegations — killed Arenas in January last year.

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Shock as Spain tells foreigners how to cancel their criminal record 

Spain's Justice Ministry has caused outrage after it sent out a tweet explaining how foreign nationals can cancel their criminal record online themselves in order to gain Spanish citizenship. 

Shock as Spain tells foreigners how to cancel their criminal record 

It may seem like a dark joke sent out by a disgruntled civil servant, but Spain’s Justice Ministry has indeed informed the country’s 6 million foreigners – including those who’ve committed crimes in the past – how to wipe their criminal history from the system.

“Criminal records can be a problem when it comes to obtaining Spanish nationality or applying for or renewing residence permits,” the ministry headed by Pilar Llop tweeted on Sunday. 

“Here we explain step by step how to request the cancellation of criminal records,” the Justice Ministry went on to say, followed by a link to a video describing the process. 

In the video posted on June 7th 2022, which has so far more than 24,000 views, a narrator goes on to explain that through the digital transformation process that the Justice Ministry is currently undergoing, it’s possible for anyone to personally and officially delete their own criminal record.

“That means that your sentence can be cancelled without you having to apply for it,” the video stressed.

This reportedly applies to both criminal records and sexual conviction records.

Logically, the tweet has caused a mix of incredulity and anger on the Spanish twittersphere, with comments such as “they’re mad”, “is it a joke?”, “God save us” or “instead of kicking foreign criminals out they’re helping them”.

The truth is that the possibility of expunging a criminal record in Spain has already existed for 27 years, as has the option of a foreigner with a criminal record being able to obtain Spanish nationality.

What has changed is the possibility of an automated system allowing citizens, Spanish nationals and foreigners alike, to carry out the expunging process online themselves, rather than having to apply for the Justice Ministry to do it for them. 

What’s also novel, many would say alarming, is that Spain’s Justice Ministry has made this public knowledge to many more people in Spain after their tweet went viral. 

Artículo 136 of Spain’s Penal Code allows people with a criminal record to cancel it once a certain period of time has elapsed and if they have not committed any other felony since the initial sentence. 

For those with minor sentences, the criminal record can be removed after six months whereas for serious crimes (5+ years in prison) the wait is ten years, higher if they’re charged with more than one crime. 

However, there doesn’t appear to be any lifetime prohibition from expunging criminal records for those who have committed the most heinous crimes, meaning that foreign rapists, murderers and paedophiles could technically cancel their criminal records if they met the aforementioned conditions and become Spanish nationals.