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Ten terrible Spanish menu translations

Ten terrible Spanish menu translations
'Señor, can we interest you, perhaps, in some clams to the sailor's blouse?' Photo: Arian Zwegers
In our latest list, The Local serves up some of the most ridiculous menu mistranslations in all of Spain. Bon appetit!

One of the biggest pleasures of travelling around Spain is the overcooked Spanish to English menu translations you find in many bars and restaurants.

If Google Translate got a euro for every Spanish waiter who used their site to mistranslate their local grub, they'd be millionaires (OK, they are already but you know what we mean).

Most of the linguistic travesties are just literal, with people often mistaking words with multiple meanings, as is the case with "tape spine baguette", which is a simple pork sandwich.

Have you spotted any weird and wonderful menu misnomers? Let us know!

Sometimes you find spelling errors, like "roast Rabbi" for conejo asado (roast rabbit).

Occasionally omission is the problem – "pig spit" is our favourite (pig on a spit).

Here The Local has dished up what we think are some of the best half-baked menu translations in Spain.

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