Mobile app mocks Spain’s dirty politics

A Spanish video game company has developed a mobile game app that lets you play the role of a dirty top official.

Mobile app mocks Spain's dirty politics
In Dársenas: The Corrupt Treasurer you have to hand out money to dirty politicians without being caught by the taxman. Photo: Youtube
The app is based loosely on the story of Spain's notorious ex-treasurer Luis Bárcenas, who is currently standing trial for allegedly managing a political slush for the ruling Popular Party.
In the game "Dársenas: El Tesorero Corrupto" (Dársenas: The Corrupt Treasurer in English), you can put yourself in the shoes of a political party's top money man.
Starting in 1996 when your party wins the elections, you must give handouts to politicians and divert funds to private accounts in Switzerland before the taxman nabs you. 
The objective of the game is to hand out at least half of the money from anonymous donors to party members.
The deal has to happen under the table without you being caught.
If you don't distribrute the money evenly, an unhappy party member will leak your ledgers to the press and it'll be game over.
Canarian company 4D3 Animation Studio has developed the application for smartphones and tablets.

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