Police car thief exposes handcuffs defect

A cheeky thief who stole a cop car unintentionally helped police spot a problem with their standard issue handcuffs.

Police car thief exposes handcuffs defect
The slippery thief managed to escape his handcuffs and then his holding cell. Photo: .v1ctor./Flickr
The crafty crook saw a chance to drive off with the patrol car when he noticed two policemen aiding a man who'd had a heart attack.
He stole the car on Monday in the Bellavista neighbourhood of Seville, reported Diario de Sevilla. 
The cops were able to quickly locate the car by using their GPS but soon realized the carjacker was listening to their every move through the police radio.
Once they changed the radio frequency, the two policemen outsmarted the 34-year-old thief identified as A. R. B. and put him under arrest.
The thief, who already had 17 carjacks to his name and had been arrested the night before for a similar robbery, was taken to the local police station.
While in the car,  the man managed to slip out of his handcuffs and began banging on the protective screen between himself and his police chauffeurs.
When they arrived at the station, the cops told their passenger that he would have to stay in the car if he didn't calm down.
Eventually they managed to get him into a holding cell but the slippery character then tried to escape via a plaster ceiling.  
In the wake of this cop and crook tug of war, Seville Police confirmed an alarming factory defect in some of the handcuffs they were using to detain criminals. 
They've sent out a message warning police around the country of the problem and have also contacted the manufacturer of the cuffs.

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