Valencia pope-alike prompts double vision

Valencia pope-alike prompts double vision
Peas in a pod: Pope Francis I and the Archbishop of Valencia Carlos Osoro. Photo: Filippo Monteforte/AFP/Iglesia en Asturias
If Pope Francis ever wants to hire a body double, he could do a lot worse that Spain's Archbishop of Valencia, Carlos Osoro, a man city residents describes as the pontiff's spitting image.

All Osoro would need to do is slip on the pontiff's white robe and he could pass as his boss's double.

Since Pope Francis was chosen as the new pontiff on February 12th, people have been coming up to the Valencia prelate and telling him that he's the spitting image of Francis.

And there's not just a physical likeness between the two men, El Mundo reported on Thursday.

Pope Francis and his doppelganger have the same humble character and simple, approachable pastoral style. 

"They're like two peas in a pod," said Osoro's good friend Padre Ángel.

"The likeness is so striking that kids stop Osoro on the streets of Valencia and say, "You look just like the new pope!'"

The main difference between the two men is age — at 67, Osoro is a full nine years younger than his Vatican-based boss.

El Mundo described Osono as the sort of man who'd visit the mother of a priest or have a beer with a poor person in a bar.

He works so hard, in fact, that other, slower priests accuse him of being "too much of an activist".

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