‘Prophetic’ tweet about pope goes viral

'Prophetic' tweet about pope goes viral
A February 11th tweet supposedly predicting the election of Francis I has clocked up nearly 60,000 retweets.
Twitter is abuzz over a February 11th tweet in which the boyfriend of Spanish woman Yolanda De Mena allegedly predicted the world's new pope would be called Francis I.

"My boyfriend woke up at 4am this morning saying he had dreamed about a new pope called Francis I and today Benedict resigned," reads the tweet (below) from Yolanda De Mena, which was apparently sent out on February 11th.

The original tweet had been retweeted 49,402 times up to March 14th, reported the newspaper La Opinión de Murcia.

That figure was closer to 60,000 at 5.45pm on Thursday.

Yolanda De Mena is now fast approaching 10,000 followers on Twitter, up from around 100 before the supposedly prophetic tweet.

The publicist at ESIC business school had picked up around 3,000 followers from Thursday morning to 6.00pm on the same day.

Not everyone is taking the tweet too seriously though.

José Enrique Cabrero called the message "the biggest spoiler in the history of humanity.

El Tito Sal asked: "Who's going to win the Champions League. Seriously! Flabbergasting!

And Marcos Iriarte commented: "Boyfriend waking you up at 4am???? Urgh. I hope you don't get married, this is terrible."

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