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Moving from New York City to southern Spain may not sound like a great career move. But Sienna Brown, founder of Las Morenas de España, explains why it was the best professional shift she could have ever made.
In this week's my Spanish Career, The Local chats to American Lauren Aloise and New Zealander James Blick, who run Devour Spain food tours.
This week The Local chats to Ceinwen Atkinson, founder of Bucket List Map, a Spanish startup helping travellers all over the world make their ultimate bucket list.
This week we chat to California native Michelle Fabregas, who founded food company Dribble Dots in Barcelona with her husband, Jason Clevering.
This week The Local chats to Englishwoman, Natasha Mason Kennedy, a woman who moved to Madrid for love and then started her own successful business.
In this week's My Spanish Career, The Local chats with American Daniel Welsch, an author, YouTuber and "English teacher to the world".
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