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Dutch football fans filmed humiliating beggars in Madrid
PSV fans throwing money at women begging on Madrid's Plaza Mayor. Screen grab: Twitter

Dutch football fans filmed humiliating beggars in Madrid

Jessica Jones · 16 Mar 2016, 10:22

Published: 16 Mar 2016 10:22 GMT+01:00

Supporters of the Dutch team PSV Eindhoven were filmed throwing coins for women begging on Madrid’s Plaza Mayor on Tuesday, making them crawl around on the floor to pick up the spare change. 



A group of PSV supporters were sitting at a bar on the plaza drinking beers when the women, thought to be from Romania, approached and asked for money. The men threw the money on the floor, shouting at the women as they scrambled around to pick it up.

Spanish daily El País reported that some of the men were shouting "don’t cross the border" and other xenophobic remarks.

Other videos from the scene show groups of men making the women crawl on the floor and dance for some money, while another man wafts a €5 note in front of them before setting it alight and throwing it on the floor for the women to pick up. 

The incident occurred at around midday on Tuesday as supporters waited for the Tuesday night Champion’s League clash between PSV and Atlético Madrid.

One man, who appears to be a local, approached the group and told them off, saying "we don’t do this kind of thing" which was met with jeering from the Dutch fans.

"They were treating them like animals," Miguel Ángel Rendón, a school teacher who was on the square with his students, told El País.

"They were throwing five cent coins and the women were almost fighting over them while the Dutch fans laughed," he added.

The scene was eventually broken up by police who removed the women from the square.

PSV lost to Atlético 7-8 on penalties after the match ended in a 0-0 draw. 

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Jessica Jones (jessica.jones@thelocal.com)

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